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Bill, Melinda and Bill – drug pushers all

No sign of independent thought from rich activists

Dissenters read tea leaves to no avail

Well, the dissenters in HIV∫AIDS may have been excited to have been mentioned at all, in however back handed a way, at the Toronto Conference, but the sessions so far have shown that the minds of the Big Three in the private funding of HIV∫AIDS activity show every sign of being occupied by the AIDS meme as completely as ever. If Thabo Mbeki even mentioned the topic of dubious science to Gates, he didn’t make a dent.

Neither in Bill Gates’ opening address on Sunday, nor in the sessions yesterday, was there anything said by Bill Gates, Melinda Gates or Bill Clinton which veered from the basic party line – “Infectious pandemic, ARV exports, Condoms, Microbicides for Women”. Everything they said confirmed that they completely subscribe to this and see no reason to insert any caveat or caution.

Melinda talked of microbicides as the key to saving women from AIDS, Bill talked of the need to expand ARV delivery, Bill Clinton of the same to “save a lot more lives”.

Clinton wants more education to encourage abstinence and condom use for young people. He is delighted by the progress made in expanding ARV delivery at ever cheaper rates to the poor of Africa. He is ecstatic, he told the admiring audience, that “a study last week showed that in the poorest African villages people take their medicine at a stunningly high percentage accurately!” (Applause). “They’ll live if you give them the tools to live. They’ll do just fine!”

Bill Gates informed the same audience that “this male circumcision thing is very likely to be a helpful tool which will drop the numbers down in a very big way.” He also told Clinton “It would be great if we could get the drug price down even further to $50. That would be heroic, but it could be done.”

Gates’ belief in the message is matched by his strong support for expanding the propaganda machine world wide. He emphasized that “the (Gates) Foundation is the biggest funder of media based activities. We did a Global media launch at the UN. I was there. I saw we must get well beyond public service advertising in foreign countries, and get the word out in television shows and get the news people to understand the issues and see the scale of the epidemic in a country. Part of advocacy is media, including every important element, and it is one we put a lot into.”

The only spark of enlightenment came from Bill Clinton who allowed that nutrition was important. But he hurried to say that this didn’t mean that drugs were not the top priority. “Nutrition has got a bum rap because some people have offered it as a substitute. Increasing caloric intake will increase overall health. Improving nutrition will increase our capacity to deal with HIV∫AIDS, as long as it is not a smoke screen for denial.”

Dissenters may be comforting themselves that this is all just public go-along, and that even now a Gates staff member may be double checking what truth there may be to Mbeki’s tip that things are not as they seem in the world of HIV∫AIDS, despite the unanimity and virtuous self-congratulation.

But from what was said it looks pretty clear that the richest man in the world, his wife and the ex-President will be making sure that the world’s poor get their microbicides and ARVs if they and their money can manage it.

Gates may be a poker player who parlayed a quick trip across town to bag the nearest Operating System for IBM PCs into a fortune larger than the world has ever seen, at the cost of disturbing the peace of mind of many millions of PC buyers, but it seems that if you are a scientist with a theoretical pig in a poke you should go to market and look around for Bill.

11 Responses to “Bill, Melinda and Bill – drug pushers all”

  1. jspreen Says:

    Gates is moving in on Medicine. Now we must also learn how to reboot our body.

  2. Martin Kessler Says:

    I wonder if Bill and Bill are getting any “donations” ie kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industries. I wouldn’t be surprised – the money could be very easily hidden – like a trust.

  3. Samba Diallo Says:

    The piece below originally appeared at DW on Jan. 19, 2005. It seems appropriate (for a number of reasons) to republish it here, now. 🙂 Samba.


    For some time now, a new computer Virus is out there. Its mode of transmission is uncertain, but it has been revealed by government researchers that it is sufficient to read all or part of Dean’s World logs to get you computer infected. In some as of yet unexplained manner, the dot configuration on the screen backfeeds into the system making it increasingly fragile and error-prone.

    The virus is hardly detectable by existing software (Norton, VirusShield, and the like), as its structure is virtually indistinguishable from numerous system files, is deeply embedded in the operating system and its informational content is highly disperse. Infection of the system by the virus inevitably results in some 30 computer malfunctions of varying severity (hardware and software, such as susceptibility to infection by OTHER computer viruses by interference with anti-virus programs already installed, computer freezing, hard-disk malfunction, power-source burnout, incapacity to create temporary files, etc., the list is still growing, albeit more slowly than initially). The problems manifest themselves in a time period between 12 hours to 30 days after reading the mentioned page. The end result is that you have to shut down your computer (death) and restart it (death, if you believe in reincarnation). It is not clear yet whether reading the posts more than once, or even writing comments, increases the chances of malfunction.

    Fortunately, some major software developers are putting out emergency programs to prevent transmission between computers and to delay consequences of infection. The understandable and praiseworthy preocupation of the authorities resulted in the creation of an emergency fund of many million dollars (the actual amount has not been publicly disclosed yet) for the development of appropriate software for early detection and elimination of the Virus. The earliest antivirus program (Executioner 0.0beta, originally made for defense purposes during the last period of the Cold War) eliminates the virus, but it conflicts with many system files and causes a very high frequency of crashes/deaths on its own. Recently, a second generation of programs (Bourreau 2.0, Verdugo 7.1, Hashishin 2) are being beta-tested on an undisclosed number of computers throughout the world, and although the computers on which these programs have been installed do not crash as early as those with Executioner, other problems, such as monitor burnout, screen-refreshing impairment, and some unexplained crashes have been reported. Fortunately, software developers are flocking into the funding agencies to get the means to attack this frightful problem which endangers ALL the world’s information community.

    Some old school computer scientists (led by Prof. Noter Chomsberg) have been saying it is impossible that all those hardware/software problems alleghedly caused by the Virus are an artifact, and that in fact they would occur anyway with a certain frequency. They have said that if you try to simultaneously, for example, 104 burn a DVD, scan a document, read/write a comment in Dean’s World, videoconference with your pals in Ulan Bator and Papeete, edit a image data set of 1 GB with Photoshop, and print high resolution pictures of your dog, your system will probably crash, and that the reading of Dean’s page will be irrelevant. They have even had the temerity to say that no known computer virus can spread into the system from the display of a certain pixel configuration on the screen of the computer and that those 30 (or so) malfunctions happen all the time at similar frequencies even if the Virus is not there. While they were known, at their time, to have been some of the most knowledgeable academicians on computer science, it has been countered that this is a wholly new generation of computer viruses, operating under a new class of consequences of a mathematics which is just beginning to be discovered. Even more so, although they do not know the screen-to-system feedback mechanism, there is OVERWHELMING evidence that if you read Dean’s weblog, in the absence of a specialized antiviral program, any of the 30 or so problems will hit your computer within a month. If they don’t, your computer is a long -term survivor and the software developers would like to study it in detail. In either case, please report to the authorities to contribute to understand the problem.

    However, the government perceives these criticisms as dangerous to the less aware blogger community, and they are urging them to take measures after reading Dean’s page, particularly recommending NOT READING IT AT ALL, and if not possible (too late) then installing the anti virus software of their choice and following the instructions religiously. Those refusing because that impairs their computers so severely they can’t work anymore are considered dangerous denialists as their computers continue to propagate the virus and increase the probability of innocent, non bloggers getting infected as the virus is very very intelligent and seeks new screen configurations that will maximize its spread and survival. In particular, it seems that even if you did not actually read Dean’s page, it may be enough that Dean’s page was mentioned in a Google or Yahoo search and the link displayed to suffer the consequences.

    For example, recent research has shown that in Africa the Virus spreads even faster than here in the developed world, notably because over there it is enough to use ANY email program to get infected. Although the data on African computers is scant, estimations by the UN World Information System Experts (UNWISE) say that all of African computers will be infected in no time, severely limiting their entry into the global information system and its benefits. They have decided (in Bangui, Central African Republic) that since running the necessary and sophisticated tests is, as of now, virtually impossible there, it will be assumed for for statistical purposes that ANY malfunction in the list IS a consequence of infection by the Virus. The picture is, folks, dreadful. Negotiations are proceeding to expedite some soft loans to African governments to install Executioner, or even Verdugo (the cheaper antiviral programs) in all government and private computers. The urgency of the situation has been rashly contested by some African authorities, who say that the number of email-ready functional computers in Africa is so low that the risk is not very important (as most people actually talk to each other to communicate, or even use the phone) compared to others, and that agricultural development (their top priority) is not very dependent on computers anyway and that they prefer to spend that money in other, and they say more socially beneficial, programs. They have also had the the temerity of using some of the of Prof. Chomsberg’s arguments regarding the feebleness of
    the proposed mode of transmission for Africa, and stated that computer malfunction in Africa is endemic particularly as electrical supplies are rather unstable and limited) and that the little existing data does not show an abovenormal increase in computer malfunction, even for those very few who read Dean’s page, due to the alleghed new Virus.

    So, for those who read this page (that’s YOU), BEWARE, if in an unpredictable period your computer crashes, freezes, or has to be otherwise restarted, I told you so and get to your nearest Executioner, Bourreau, Verdugo and Hashishin resellers. It is not cheap, it is not very effective, will generate all types of conflicts with existing software and cause some crashes,but its the best we have and it is, after all, a WORLD WIDE emergency.

    Thank God that our best and brightest software developers (Microsoft at the head, as could be reasonably expected) are generously financed with public money by a government that cares for the public. We hope soon Africa will benefit from these undivided and selfless efforts.

    Samba Diallo

  4. Michael Says:


    The other day, was the “Novel Targets for Drug Development Session. Dr. Moore was the third speaker, and the one that I came here to enjoy. I did not come here to join Dr. Moore in his monkey business. No indeed. I am here for much more than that. I intend to expose Dr. Moore for the not-quite-an-emporer with no clothes that he is, with no sexually transmitted virus causing AIDS in his hands. Nothing but an empty bag of tricks!

    Moore started his lecture out by saying one of the most bizarre statements that I have ever heard. He said that One in Four women in Africa get HIV infected from heterosexual activity! Simply not believable, as our own American Made HIV has been found to be completely non-transmitted sexually, by Nancy Padian. All should by now be familiar with Padian’s study, that showed zero sexual transmission in 370 or so heterosexual couples over a six year period.

    Why can’t we just bottle up our own HIV and ship our own
    non-sexually transmitted HIV to Africa? That would solve the supposed HIV problem over there! If he shipped the supposed sex transmitted African HIV over here, it would solve his and Nancy Padian’s problem of having non-sexual HIV here in the west!

    Continuing with the story, Dr. Moore was very nervous through-out his lecture. He stumbled through a lot of it, and you could cut through his nervousness with a knife. I think he knew that I was right there, and he probably knew that I was lining him up in the sight of my spitball shooter, disguised as a pen of course. He even looked RIGHT AT ME! Time stopped. Here I was, and there he was. I had him then and there, just like a deer in the headlights! But just as I had his beady little eyes
    lined up in my sights, and was ready to launch my mighty spitball, he hit me first, and beat me back with his own launch and bombardment of a discertation on “Vaginal Goo and Anal Rings!” Well, you just can’t shoot a spitball when laughing, so my first opportunity was missed.

    John promised to make his goo in many forms. Either gel, cream, suppositories, sponges, or vaginal and anal rings. I just know the Anal Rings are gonna be a big hit with the gay community, as they are already obsessed with nipple rings, Prince Albert Penile rings, diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings, chrome rings, leather rings, cock rings and just about any type of ring things. And the gooier, the better! He promises it will be the most affordable goo lube in town. And best of all, “it will not be Nasty, Runny, or Smelly!” What more could I want? What more could the gay community want on a Friday night? What more could those oversexed and overpopulating Africans want? These vaginal and anal ring things will be the biggest seller ever put on the world market in all of history! Is Dr. Moore an evil genius? What if his microbicide cocktail rings of goo creates 3 headed baby monkeys? Little wonder, Bill Gates wants to get in on this upcoming gooey ring thing blockbuster!

    Then Moore disgusted me again by talking about doing
    things to monkeys vaginally and anally that I have never even seen in the raunchiest of porn videos. He talked about inflaming monkeys vaginally to make sure they get his shiv virus, and he said that “Monkeys are Not That
    Choosey”, and I am now sure this is a true fact! If monkeys are doing the goo thing with Dr. Moore, they certainly are not choosey, and have no taste! This was upsetting so I lined up my spitball shooter again for a second go at him, and just as I was launching it, Moore starts talked about doing the HAIL MARY with his monkeys, as he calls it, to protect them from “multiple repetitive challenge”!?! This sounded like some type of monkey orgy to me, and the visuals must have been just too much. Knocked me right off balance again. My projectile launched. But as my misaimed spitball flew, I think it hit Sam Broder in the back of the head, and was strangely absorbed and deflected by what must be a spitball proof toupee! I didn’t know he wore one, but it had to have been either a toupee or the thickest head I have ever known!

    John went on and and on about his toxic goo and monkeys, and I needed to get just one more chance to have a shot at him. Third one is a a charm, as they say, so I awaited my chance. He wrapped up his speech by thanking his lab assistants, pharmaceutical companies, and everyone but the sexually assaulted monkeys. I lined up for my final fusillade (I only had 2 spitballs on my possesion at this time, most of the others I had brought along were confiscated by security when I boarded the plane for
    Toronto the other day). Just as I was took one more huff to launch, Dr. Moore called his goo team an “Intellectual Powerhouse”! I choked on this statement. I choked and could not launch. As I was choking on the silliness
    of his words, he said his final thank you, asked if there were any questions, all you could hear was the audience choking and no-one could even get out a question, and he slyly shuffled off the stage.

    Seriously though, all jokes aside. This microbial thing is more than questionable. What will these chemicals do in utero? Or even anally? Just how safe and effective will they be for years of use. What about sperm exposed to these toxins? How about the children being born from these chemonuked sperms? I can see the point to be protected from actual STD infections, but to create a chemonuclear weapon to bombard ones most sensitive parts of the body? To bombard an obviously harmless retrovirus? Seems a bit much to me!

    Just so you can witness this goo filled anti-microbe cocktail orgy and chokefest, a video of the entire event can be found at the Kaiser Video Link by clicking your
    mouse on the following link:

    Targets for Drug Development Session”

    Dr. Moore is the final third of the video.

    Check out his nervousness! I am sure some in the press will be noticing how he devoted his opening act on Sunday to trying to hide from the dissidents, and now nervously bumbling through his sessions! I am sure more than just the dissidents will be wondering what he is so afraid of!

  5. jspreen Says:

    Great text, Michael! I’ll have a go for that video.

    I am sure more than just the dissidents will be wondering what he is so afraid of!

    He’s moore and moore afraid every day because throughout the years time is running thinnner and thinner and Moore knows perfectly well in his heart: Once you’ve sold your soul to the devil for the money and the glory, it’s very hard if not impossible to get off the hook. Especially if you’ve also tortured other creatures without ever taking into consideration that all living beings are creatures of the same God that comes in so handy in the fight of the just against the evil Arab terrorists.

  6. Celia Farber Says:

    Jesus Christ. This thing is becoming so strange, creepy, shocking; I tried to watch the Moore video but when I hit the line about monkeys “not being very fussy,” I felt my stomach turn in nausea.

    I want to say to you TS, in case others haven’t, you have published two images lately that are traffic-stopping.

    I stare and stare. I wish, as the poet in Ahkmatova’s “Requiem,”…that I could “describe this .”

    One is the astonishing image of the Gates couple and their shadows against that gigantic Red Noose. That is the creepiest AIDS pic I have ever seen just about.

    The other is, of course, Bill Gates’ arm, in the picture of him and Clinton. Look at it.

  7. Truthseeker Says:

    Good catch, Celia. Heil HIV!

    Check out the socially insulted monkeys, though 🙂

  8. Michael David Says:

    “Re-published” those amazing photographs. Let’s remember they were scavenged from public images, and one cannot help but think that there were a few in the media (and more than a few elsewhere when they saw them in other venues) who got the points Ms. Farber makes so well.

    It did remain for TS, kudos given where kudos due, to present them in a setting even a blind person could not miss. One hopes that the few in power who are reading this blog will notice and be suitably reactive, esp. Mr. Gates who might appreciate the post of Dr. Diallo’s more than some of the others :).

    However, the juxtaposition of the “Minkey” Prof. and the better class of monkey photos is totally original and imho, totally brilliant, and will *definitely* provoke the Moore to at least falling out of his tree if not perhaps to further aid and abet AIDS realists everywhere.

  9. McKiernan Says:

    So, something is missing here. I couldn’t find the brill.

    Why, again, didn’t a significant HIV∫AIDS persona go to Toronto to make a public statement if only symbolic. Instead NAR serves photo-shopped jpeg files for analysis to the choir section.

    McK is one kudo short here. Please explain.

  10. Truthseeker Says:

    McK, perhaps you are right, in that a press conference held by Rethinking AIDS might have made a tiny dent, in what was otherwise a fairly quiet week on the activist front. But you seem to have difficulty imagining the atmosphere at one of these things. Maybe if you had the oratorical power of Goebbels, Billy Graham, Lincoln and Cicero combined, and gave the press attending $100 bills, you might have got somewhere.

    Otherwise it would be like swimming backwards up Niagara Falls.

  11. jspreen Says:

    And what about that AIDS statue? I guess it’s the first disease in history having it’s own statue.

    Looks like veneration to me. AIDS, the golden veal of the 21st century. I bet HIV will have one soon too. Man, they love the virus. Fills their lives.

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