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How Fauci solved AIDS

At AIDS panel, future Nobelist Fauci revealed way forward

Add HIV to boost T-cells, eliminate drugs

Long run danger remedied by normal health measures

fauci-white-coat.pngAs we were saying, we welcome the Lasker prize which Dr Anthony Fauci of NIAID has won, because we already recognized a year ago the extraordinary contribution that the well tailored director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases had earlier made quietly to the final solution of the world wide AIDS panic, at a New School panel in June last year.

For some reason, perhaps personal modesty, Dr Fauci had not informed the general public previously of his breakthrough in understanding, but merely communicated it to the Proceedings of the National Academy and included it in a chapter on the Immunology of AIDS he wrote for the textbook “Fundamental Immunology”, edited by William E. Paul MD and published by Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins in 2003 (p. 1295):

What Fauci confirmed to the few graduate students and working scientists who perused this book was that the result of HIV arriving in the human body was to touch off and maintain proliferation of T-cells, rather than killing them off.

What happens is that for a 56 fold (5600 per cent) gain in HIV early on CD4 T-cells drop maybe 6% but CD8 T-cells rise 20 per cent. The net increase is there until drugs are provided, in which case this beneficial effect is wiped out. If the drugs are stopped, then the benefit is once again felt.

The total outcome is hidden in the complexity of the immune system – there are other major factors involved in the standard and rather misleading T-cell count, such as rate of production, redistribution, longevity of cells, level of apoptosis and activation induced cell death – but these trends are clear, Fauci pointed out:

“Several investigators have demonstrated that there is an increase in CD4+ T-cell proliferation in both HIV and SIV infection. In certain studies, the enhanced T-cell proliferation that was observed during active disease was significantly decreased following the initiation of anti-retroviral therapy, and proliferation increased again in parallel with plasma viremia following the cessation of treatment in these individuals.

Read the Proceedings for genuine AIDS truths

Fauci’s reference is a paper by Lempicki R. A. et al. in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (97:13778-83, 2000). The Proceedings is the place where all those seriously interested in what is really going on in science should go, perhaps. It is after all, the place where Peter Duesberg’s definitive review and rejection of HIV as the cause of AIDS took place nearly two decades ago, a beautifully written and argued exposition with 200 footnoted references from mainstream literature which oddly enough has never been answered in the same journal, though the HIV=AIDS paradigm author Bob Gallo promised the editors he would do so.

Apparently Gallo preferred to do so from the safe bunker of the last chapters of Virus Hunting, his 1991 book three years later which was happily not subject to peer review, nor did it have to provide references, unlike Duesberg’s masterpiece, which was afterwards cited in Nobel prize winning biologist Walter Gilbert’s graduate class at Harvard as an exemplary paradigm challenge. But we digress, as usual for the benefit of newcomers to this issue.

Fauci explains what kills T cells

faucihairflat.jpgReturning to Dr Fauci’s brave and perspicacious statement drawing the attention of insiders to the efficacy of HIV in stimulating the immune system, and the negative impact of drugs, this seemed at such odds with the general assumption in HIV∫AIDS that HIV kills T-cells rather than adds to them, and that drugs are needed to defeat the virus at whatever cost, that when Dr Fauci and Mathilde Krim mounted the stage at the New School with Larry Kramer to celebrate 25 years of HIV∫AIDS a year ago June 19th, Robert Houston took the opportunity to ask Dr Fauci about it.

The question came as a rowdy audience of middle aged gays calmed down after upsetting Larry Kramer so much with their objections to him telling the representative of the New York Times that the Times didn’t cover the issue of HIV∫AIDS enough that he stalked off the stage.

His departure was a pity, for his long time friend Dr Fauci gave an extremely informative reply which heralded the final solution of the AIDS puzzle, suggesting both its cause and its cure.

Fauci’s Final Solution in AIDS

facuimikehand-upo.jpgHere’s how it went. Houston asked his question as follows, both flattering the two exceptional scientists and armed with the reference to the Fauci written statement if for some reason the great man saw fit to deny it.

Houston: We have two of the most distinguished scientists in the world on AIDS on this panel and I would like to ask a basic scientific question. How does HIV cause AIDS? Does it do so by directly killing T-cells, as the New York Times science writers seem to tell us, or do you think it does it in the opposite way: by causing T-cells to multiply – and by overactivating the immune system?

And this is how Dr Fauci explained how HIV boosted the immune system, rather than crippled it, having identified drugs as the real cause of T-cell decline in his written review earlier:

Fauci: Well… It does it in both ways. I don’t want to waffle with you on that but it is very, very clear that HIV is related to a very aberrant turning on and activation of T-cells. When T-cells are sustained in their activation – because every time anybody in this room gets an immune response to a benign virus or bacteria your immune system activates (he draws line going up in air with his hand) and then it goes down again (draws line in the air going down again) to the base line.

We like the Freudian slip here in calling HIV a ‘benign” virus, but we may have misheard Fauci – readers can check for themselves when we put the video up on YouTube shortly for the admiration of all.

Here Fauci has confirmed that when HIV is responded to by the immune system, the T-cells are activated to drive it out, and indeed, reference to the Lempicki paper will, as Robert Houston has shown here in the last comment attached to our earlier post nominating Fauci for the Nobel, for a 56-fold rise in HIV viral load between early and intermediate levels of infection, CD4 T-cells decline not very much (around 6% in the chart), while CD8 T-cells rise 20 per cent, for a combined rise of 11%. Now Fauci continued:

When you have a high level of viremia with a lot of activation you just drive the immune system to an aberrant form of activation that leads to the death of a cell, even cells which don’t directly get infected with HIV. They die by a process called apoptosis, meaning essentially they die a suicidal type death.

Here the director of NIAID for 23 years is bringing in cell suicide as a means of explaining how T-cells do die in the face of HIV. Apoptosis is indeed the last refuge of HIV∫AIDS paradigm promoters in their anxiety to explain how it is that HIV might be causing immune collapse by killing T-cells, when there is no discernible biological activity along these lines detected by any researcher in the 23 years of exceptionally well funded HIV∫AIDS research.

The problem is that until Dr Fauci in this reply confirmed that this was the case, doubters had wondered what the evidence was that there was any more cell suicide than normal when the body is aiming for homeostasis, ie returning to the normal balance in the proportions of the constituents of the blood. Cell suicide is a normal process here, and with the levels being maintained, as Dr Fauci confirms, it is hard to see how it is killing off so many T-cells that the immune system collapses.

claudius-ptolemy.jpgThe difficulty that conjuring up cell suicide is intended to solve is that there is no evidence of any mechanism by which HIV directly kills T-cells, which was the original premise of Robert Gallo’s theory that HIV was the cause of the immune collapse of AIDS. The evidence is that HIV does not kill T-Cells, so enthusiasts for the well funded paradigm had to come up with indirect ways it might get rid of T-cells.

Apoptosis is the best they could come up with, which didn’t present any great difficulty to the army of officials, politicians, activists, health workers, journeyman scientists and dying AIDS patients who were told of this solution perhaps because none of them had heard of Ptolemy the Egyptian, who managed to work out elliptical orbits that could predict the movements of the planets even though he assumed that the Sun went around the Earth, rather than vice versa. The indirect mechanisms by which HIV is said to work its fatal effects on T-cells are the elliptical trajectories of the HIV∫AIDS explanation of AIDS.

Now, however, the director of NIAID sums it all up in one beautiful breakthrough concept which accounts, finally, for the ultimate decline and fall of the human immune system after years of responding to HIV by making T-cells which effectively drive out the virus in a matter of weeks, reducing it to minimal levels of as little as one to five active virions per milliliter, impossible to detect without PCR.

Why does it all change? Steam is key

pcousyn-steam_engine.jpgThe puzzle has always been, why does the immune system collapse in five ten or even twenty years, if it has got rid of virtually all virus within six weeks. Fauci now ‘explains’:

You can wind up depleting your T-cells by direct infection and those cells dying or just a burst of aberrant activation and also some elimination by the immune system of infected cells. So it’s not a unified concept; there’s multifactorial ways in which you drain your T-cells and then after a few years you just run out of steam.

sink.jpegIn other words, Dr Fauci is prepared to throw everything including the kitchen sink into the mix. Those who say that HIV doesn’t kill T-cells are wrong, it does kill them by “direct infection” somehow. Then you have more killed by cell suicide after a “burst of aberrant activation”. Finally – here is the key at last – the immune system just “runs out of steam”.

Dr Fauci’s Solution to AIDS

Robert Houston confesses that he failed to follow up his question because he was prepared only for Fauci to deny that T-cells proliferated when faced with HIV. What we wish he had done is congratulate Fauci for a conceptual framework which tells us how to defeat AIDS.
Unless we misunderstand him, here is his solution to HIV∫AIDS:

1. With even a dramatic leap in viral load, the T-cells divide faster in response. The end result is that CD 8 T-cell count goes up substantially, with no significant decline in CD 4 T-cell count.

2. So if there is any concern that the immune system is weak, simply add more HIV.

3. Remove ARV drugs, and T-cells will multiply and return to excess levels again.

4. After defeating HIV is a matter of weeks and then maintaining this success for up to twenty years, somehow the immune system might run of steam.

5. But as Dr Fauci’s choice of phrase implies this loss of steam can surely be prevented with proper exercise, nutrition, fresh air, travel and all other general health stimulants, including the renewed optimism that comes from knowing there is a solution – the Fauci Solution to AIDS.

But since the Lasker winner didn’t actually mention this last point explicitly perhaps we can check with him at the lunch where he will accept his prize, surrounded by the members of the medical and economic establishment, of which he has long been a fully paid up member.

faucihandsinair.jpgSo after years of the whole world left confused and supporting antiretroviral drugs as the only defense against the deadly effect of HIV, we have Dr Fauci to thank for telling us that on the contrary, it is HIV rather than drugs which benefit the immune system.

Of course, it must be acknowledged that both Robert Gallo, and two years later Peter Duesberg, were the first to point out that HIV was harmlessly involved in AIDS. But neither of them detected the fact that it was actually beneficial to AIDS patients.

Gallo, of course, proved that HIV was not the cause of AIDS with his 1984 papers showing it was occurring in only one third of sick AIDS patients, with pre-AIDS patients having it more often, suggesting it was a possible antidote. Now Anthony Fauci has found why – HIV stimulates the immune system – and he has also noticed that drugs have a negative impact.

Considering that the drug companies involved in HIV∫AIDS have a considerable interest in this revision of the paradigm, we feel that Anthony Fauci is showing considerable moral fortitude in revealing these insights in public in front of gay activists, who were already a noisy crowd and most of them funded by the drug companies.

Luckily, however, none of them noticed.

18 Responses to “How Fauci solved AIDS”

  1. hhbauer Says:

    TS: This is simply stunning. Thank you!

  2. Truthseeker Says:

    Extremely kind of you, Henry, given your proven authority with your elegantly expressed and penetrating book.

    Henry H. Bauer is the author of The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory, MacFarland, 2007, which not only achieves new insights into the impossibility of the paradigm by exploring the questions surrounding HIV tests and the epidemiology of the pandemic, but which well explains why failed paradigms can last forever in modern science.

    Regret to say that it seemed more telling the first time around, before we lost the entire thing with an inadvertent wrong move on the keyboard. Winded by this two hour setback, we skipped the last ten per cent topping of cheekiness and just had to roll out a more pedestrian version as above. While we stand by everything we wrote we believe that we lost one strange and important effect – how the more one contemplates Fauci’s fumbling escapism the more it reveals how he has always agreed with Duesberg, consciously or not. For Duesberg’s analysis emerges as validated by every word Fauci utters, as if he was bound to step only in one direction, towards where Duesberg is standing, however strenuously he talks in the opposite vein.

    The defense of HIV=AIDS is denialism in action, writ large on a world screen but contradicted in every move researchers make and every paragraph they write, whether they know it or not. It all goes to show that Fauci’s policy of never addressing the damning review of HIV=AIDS directly was always the right one, and now, any discussion of the theory had better be kept offstage if at all possible, if they want to keep from standing naked in public.

    That is why HIV goons such as Mark Wainberg at the University of Montreal attack the character and credibility of paradigm critics in letters to the university adminstrations that employ them, and in Op Ed pieces, rather than deal with the points they raise. This heinous ploy is so obviously self-condemning that it is amazing they are taken seriously at all.

    Appeal to readers

    If anyone can take the time to report how the blog displays on their system, we would be most grateful. We work in Mac OSX and Firefox, and find that Windows XP with Firefox or MS Explorer does not display properly. XP with Firefox does not display the images, and MS Explorer with XP doesn’t display bold different from the main text, so subheads are indistinguishable.

    Can everyone using a PC see the images, and bold distinguished from main text? It sems possible that tens of thousands of readers are seeing a blog without images.

  3. cervantes Says:

    TS: Have Windows XP operating system, with Firefox the browser. BOTH bold text and images come through fine. Keep it coming.

  4. MartinDKessler Says:

    I have Windows XP as well and it works just fine.

    Anyway, the Fauci explanation of the AIDS mechanism brings to mind the lesson David Stockman (the guy who worked for Reagan – the OMB) learned when he called Reagan’s economic plan (trickle-down Reagonomics) a “Trojan Horse” – which everyone knows what that was and he was taken to the “woodshed” (by Reagan) for doing so – had Stockman used the description of the same plan as “Mismanagement Modality”, none of the backlash would have happened because the terminology would have sailed right over the heads of the average person. I think what Fauci has done here is use an obtuse description of the AIDS mechanism (Apoptosis) which sailed right over the heads of everyone (in the establishment) but the dissidents like “us”. Had Fauci instead called a spade a spade, by referring to the HIV=AIDS paradigm as a fraud or a lie, everyone knows what that is and he likely would have been similarly (or worse) punished for it.

  5. cervantes Says:

    Excellent point Sir Kessler,

    The paradigm hatching in the early 1980’s was further built with the label ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’ in 1985 with a pair of knockout words: “Virus” (thought by virtually all to be bad all by itself); and “Immunodeficiency” (also perceived to be horrible all by itself).

    Most on this Blog know this, but I reiterate for newcomers and clarity, for me anyway.

    Thus, the public, and virtually all practicing doctors, bought into what Gallo foisted, and the U.S. Government instantly endorsed. Vitally, the so-accused villain was actually ‘retro-viral’, not ‘viral,’ an entity that had never been remotely construed to be a health hazard (except for its possible effect, but now dropped, to produce cancerous multiplying cells, as the opposite of killing them), this vitally important ‘retro’ was cleverly (I mean why confuse the public with such nuance?) left off when HIV was named.

    The biggest misleading labeling of course came with the treatment drugs dubbed “antiviral” or “antiretroviral.” Instead of their more accurate term, “chemotherapy” – that the masses know is designed to kill cells (and if there was a virus contained therein, to kill them also), and surely kill the patient if taken more than the intermittent dosing given dire cancer patients.

    Thus, the hundreds of thousands of deaths directly due to the chemos (AZT and many, many others before AZT) was barely questioned until Peter Duesberg blew the whistle that never was heard by the public.

    The marketing gurus of both NIAID and the drug companies kept (and still keep) everybody, including reporters, from ever even coming close to the actual lethality of the “antivirals/antiretrovirals” — HAART, and Atripla today with initial tallies ringing in higher fatalities than the last few late-HAART years, quite possibly because a whole new marketing approach has brought back many who swore off /declined HAART. So, a bunch of new patients are again the unwitting guinea pigs for NIAID and GlaxoSmithKline, with deaths now increasing in the U.S.

    The power of Fauci’s propaganda and his phony words utterly controls up to the present. Fauci’s confabulations with bullshit wordings and esoterics, so perfectly cited in this Blog, are the perfect examples of how to keep the public nodding away in complete but ignorant agreement.

    So, words count. And, the words contrived, and still parroted today by NIAID and the NY Times, still are completely unknown by the lay public – and most all practicing MDs.

  6. Truthseeker Says:

    Fauci’s confabulations with bullshit wordings and esoterics, so perfectly cited in this Blog, are the perfect examples of how to keep the public nodding away in complete but ignorant agreemen

    Never fear to repeat thyself O cervantes, there is always something to learn, as we true followers of professional know-nothings like Socrates always appreciate very well. For instance, in your post we learned that there were

    the hundreds of thousands of deaths directly due to the chemos (AZT and many, many others before AZT)

    Really? “many, many others” too? If true, quite interesting. What is your source on this, anything where it is summarized?

    Also, Atripla today with initial tallies ringing in higher fatalities than the last few late-HAART years, quite possibly because a whole new marketing approach has brought back many who swore off /declined HAART.

    is news to us. We naively believed that the whole point was to lower toxicity and claim further progress in “defeating the virus”.

    The power of Fauci’s propaganda and his phony words utterly controls up to the present. Fauci’s confabulations with bullshit wordings and esoterics, so perfectly cited in this Blog, are the perfect examples of how to keep the public nodding away in complete but ignorant agreement.

    We hate to confess it, but our post was written to tilt against the nonsensical jumble of Fauci’s kitchen-sink theorizing, out of date even according to the mainstream guru Zvi Grossman, and not against his clever choice of words to sucker the multitude of eager pill poppers and the mass media who likewise will swallow anything the NIH endorses without thinking twice.

    We just imagined that it didn’t matter what mumbo jumbo Fauci served up, and he seemed to think the same. The audience of middleaged gays were on his side whatever he said. He could have read the phone book out loud backwards and they would have been suitably reassured.

    On the sidewalk afterwards we mentioned to one friendly old butch (if that is the right word?) that we tended to the skeptical side and he at once physically distanced himself from us approximately eight feet eyeing us like a leper as he sought refuge with a sympathetic fellow propagandee.

  7. hhbauer Says:

    Pictures and text come out fine on my locally made PC running Opera on Windows XP Home.

    Talking about Fauci… I happened to catch him on the Diane Rehm Show. Here’s an extract from the show’s transcript. Is Fauci innumerate? Can he believe what he is saying here?

    “Here is an e-mail from Henry in Blacksburg, Virginia, who says, “Why has every study of actual sexual transmission of HIV found such low efficacies of transmission well under 1 percent?”

    DR. FAUCI: Yeah, I think what he means is low efficiency of transmissibility, namely it doesn’t transmit very well. That’s true. But, in fact, since there is so much sexual activity that goes on in the normal living of life throughout the world that the risk, when you compound all of the sexual contacts among people, one of who might be HIV infected, then you get the infection rates that we just spoke about where you windup getting five million new infections per year. There has to be a lot of sexual contact for that to occur. But, in fact, there is a lot of sexual contact going on everyday in the world.

    MS. REHM: So, therefore, the fact that people have sex does not necessarily mean that they will get AIDS.

    DR. FAUCI: If they’re having an — if they’re having sex with an HIV infected individual in a non-protective fashion, it is not a one to one ratio by any means. It’s not you have one sexual contact, and therefore you’ll get infected. It’s a relatively low efficiency. But there are things that increase that. For example, the presence of other sexual transmitted diseases that cause genital ulceration, the time and your course of infection, when you’re having the sexual act, if you get — if you are in a transmitting situation very soon after you yourself are infected with a viral load or the level of virus in your body is extremely high, you have a much greater chance of transmitting that to your sexual partner.”

  8. cervantes Says:

    Happy to oblige about the ‘many, many deaths’ before AZT (and secondly, about increasing deaths with Atripla).

    During the panicked years starting in mid-1981, a verbal history of many of the doctors in the Bay Area (San Francisco) have gone on record: “It’s called “The AIDS Epidemic in San Francisco: The Medical Response, 1981-1984.”

    Dr. Donald Abrams, in particular, along with Dr. Lawry Kaplan, and many others, including Dr. Marcus Conant, a dermatologist treating Kaposi’s (and nicknamed the Gay Barbarian because virtually all his patients died from his chemo-treatments) are on record with the drugs they, admittedly,and usually regrettably, heavily used on the panicked guys (and a few dolls) during those years. On the East Coast, a similar group of doctors was doing the same in New York City.

    Also, I have done a fair amount of reviewing Medline, PubMed, other NIH documents, and many of the medical journals. This amounts to many hundreds of formal/informal/renegade/Project-Inform treatment groups that bring the treated people amounting to MANY thousands with lethal (if taken not just a little and intermittently) drugs. This was all done before Gallo’s con job in 1984, and through 1985 — before AZT was FDA ok’ed in early 1986.

    In fact, there is substantial documentation that AZT (code named Compound S) was given to many, many patients during 1985, before AZT was FDA approved, and, in fact, is on record of being given to many at The National Cancer Institute, at NIH, in Bethesda, Maryland. This is in all black and white, well documented, if one expends the time and effort (I could send some of this personally – but see no need to bother the Blog on this).

    These drugs included from mid-1981 through 1985, but not exclusively: Ribavirin*, Interferon Alfa, Suramin, Pentamidine, Trimethoprin-Sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim), Dextron Sulfate, Ganciclovir, Fluconzole, Vinblastine, Vincristine, Mitoxantrone, HPA-23, Interferon Beta, Imuthiol, Interleukins I and II, etc. During these years, panicked patients (having nominal symptoms of friends/lovers that had died) demanded treatments no matter the treatment drugs’ actual known/warned lethalities. Dr. Abrams at present is quite admirable; he has forsaken the conventional anti-HIV drugs and gone off to a private treatment center based on anything but chemo-drugs (though he still apparently thinks HIV is perhaps deadly in some way).

    The total U.S.AIDS death through 1984 officially totaled close to 5,000 (but, how accurate was this in the panicked/political times?). Then, the record shows in 1985 unannounced trials with Compound S (aka AZT) gathered steam, as did bigger trials with Ribavirin*, and these treatments arguably accelerated iatrogenic deaths – all blamed on HIV. I submit that the record supports the “many thousands” of deaths caused by panicked, lethal treatment drugs, were indeed directly caused by many treatments, and before the official FDA approval of AZT in 1986.

    Additionally, and it is very significant, Project Inform ramrodded by Martin Delaney was constantly since 1982 bringing in huge black market quantities of many of the above drugs, particularly Ribavirin, Compound Q, HPA-23, and their pipelines supplied a big black market — thus adding to the deaths ascribed erroneously as AIDS caused by HIV.


    The topic of Atripla is endlessly fascinating, but to the chase: My mortality source is California’s magnificent record keeping of HIV/AIDS Surveillance Stats. Their monthly updated stats show an increase of 30-40% of AIDS mortality the most recent 6 months of 2007, compared to the comparable 6 months of 2006. These figures I calculate myself as the stats pages don’t compare year-to-year. People on Atripla only started a year ago, and it is reasonable to think its deadly effects would not be immediate, but take some time. Hence, it is now time to compare, as was the basis for my comment.

    It is my own hypothesizing that many more of the”at-risk” in California now are taking Atripla (when before they mostly declined the anti-Hiv HAART). Thus, from staying healthy by declining treatments, they are now trying out the “new and better” Atripla. But, with Atripla being invariably deadly (anybody care to take it?), and, with “lesser” side effects. Yet, the side effects will still get you eventually — stone dead. I must add that drug regimens are not a topic of this particular California Surveillance.

    *Interestingly, and telling, Ribavirin (a kissing cousin to AZT) was given in large dosing to most of the fatalities of the bizarre 2003 SARS panic (SARS was predominatey in Singapore, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, etc.). BUT, Ribavirin was not given, by documented U.S. Public Health Service decision, to any U.S. citizens in the U.S. hospitalized for having “SARS.” Consequently, not a single U.S. citizen, among the 80 or so hospitalized with SARS, died of SARS or any related pneumonia in the absurd SARS Epidemic of 2003. Canada, on the other hand, treated heavily their quarantined ciitzens with Ribavirin, and 25 or so Canadians died, before they unofficially stopped using Ribavirin, due to the then blatant obvious toxicity/lethality of Ribavirin. As to the other AIDS drugs listed above, they are only an abbreviated list, yet no doctor in a sane situation gives them more than a brief period — but they did in the 1991 to 1996 years (and afterward).

    Hopefully, I have documented a bit to mull over — happy trails to all

  9. Truthseeker Says:

    (I could send some of this personally – but see no need to bother the Blog on this).

    You could always post a relevant page or two if sufficiently striking ie on the same level as your very mullable post which sent the needle of the MindBlow meter here swinging to the max at several points. So SARS was a iatrogenically deadly disease courtesy of Ribovarin, a “kissing cousin of AZT”? Thank you kindly (and seriously) for resolving that puzzle. We love to have loose strings tied up for us here, by someone who nails the data. You set a very fine example Cervantes and we at NAR will try to follow in your footsteps. We just love the fact that none of the media seem to have cottoned on to this. Did no one point this out to any receptive reporter, even at the Christian Science Monitor, or are they all nothing but a parade of the walking dead, these guys?

    The early shoveling of drugs and AZT before licensing into hapless patients doesn’t surprise us, but it is revelatory. So how many people do you think were downed by full dose AZT in the end, would you say? Is the figure of 300,000 a good estimate in your view after looking into so much data?

    Atripla doubling deaths seems to fit in with the latest Danish study showing that drugs have doubled deaths in the first year, guess we will have to check. If not, if the Danish data is older than Atripla, then it still seems likely if many more patient switch to Atripla that deaths will rise well beyond the 30-40% jump you mention in Californsia (why the range?)

    Will anyone notice in the media or even in the medical profession or gay community? .After all, “everyone knows” that it is defending them against the deadly virus and if there are no buffalo humps to contend with it must be working. Death is inevitable of course but clearly it is better to have no buffalo humps in an albeit shortened survival time than to suffer all the side effects for a longer time on Earth, since it is no fun to party looking like a Buffalo Man and feeling wretched.

    Or does one feel ill on Atripla, as well as die?

  10. cervantes Says:

    TS: Thanks for the considered comments. As to your question of the 30-40% range in California, the data is still growing, and some months vary a great deal from other discrete months, for lots of bureaucratic reasons like the data-input staff person being on vacation, sick, other delays, etc. At any rate my basic point (or more accurately, hypothesis) is that unknown, but most probably significant numbers of “HIV positive” have remained on the treatment sidelines (or dropped out after just a week or two of being made sick by HAART) because of the clearly observed fatal history of people they know that have died after prolonged adherence to HAART, etc.

    As hope always springs eternal, and sublimating past doubts about their doctors, it would be a good bet that a great many drug-naive people (being HIV+) have started on the new Atripla. AND, please don’t forget, that The Testing Machine now so pervasive through the U.S. medical world comes up with a constant new 40,000 HIV+ and another 40,000 new AIDS diagnoses per year – all made possible by the ludicrous definition of AIDS (in the U.S., but not in Canada, England, Europe, Australia, etc.) being but a low WBC and a ‘positive’ test. It is a very frightening scenario playing out with so such huge numbers of eternally-AIDS patients (once an AIDS patient, always an AIDS patient, till death at 90) adding on every year. Fauci’s Machine is self-perpetuating, the EverReady Bunny that never stops, unless the insane U.S. definition of AIDS is drastically pared back. Any bets??

    As to your commenting about a brand new increase in AIDS mortality in Denmark, I am ignorant; my data stopped after introducing to this Blog the Lohse et al. Study with its non-treatment cohort that was actually less mortal than all the treatment subsets. That being said, are these new numbers more than 10 or 20 a year that can be confounded with so many other factors? All info welcome.

    Some additional comment on SARS are in order (since they relate to AIDS drugs). Another very strong drug given in Canada along with Ribavirin was what is called corticosteroids, though its data is not so well documented in the Singapore Region. As before, the U.S. docs eshewed treatment with either drug. Also, even the SARS experts basically agreed that the Corona virus antibody was found in far less than 50% of any and all SARS patients, so its weak association should have officially absolved a mutated Corona virus; nevertheless the official party line still parrots SARS came from a newly mutated Corona variant – thus SARS is always a lurking threat and generates yet another rationale for big money for vaccines, and treatment drug stockpiles, and more important The Public is trained to act like sheep and thus herded about.

    Always a factor, the generated hysteria, and outright fear, of SARS of course would put enormous unhealthy stress on the poor patient so diagnosed, and contribute no doubt to their possible demise,with nurses in spacesuits coming and going to their bedsides and numerous tubes dripping fluids into them (who the hell wouldn’t be scared to death?). Ironically, the hero of SARS, its “discoverer” in Viet Nam was Dr. Carlos Urbani, who died himself (officially diagnosed as SARS of course) several months into the panic. His colleagues had rushed a big batch of Ribavirin to his hospital bedside as he was quite sick (from what, who knows?), and a few days into taking Ribavirin he died. The direct (undesired) effects of Ribarvirin are widely acknowledged as quickly causing hemolytic anemia, among many other deadly effects, and it is classified in the same category as the NRTI AZT; Ribavirin has become insidiously and pervasively used as an antiviral drug in many areas, and ALWAYS recommended/given to those diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and most always with Interferon (god help us — ).

    Here again, the much higher mortality of those both HIV+ and having Hep C makes sense (as Lohse data cites), as these poor souls are taking even higher doses of compounded dangerous treatments!! In my assessment Ribavirin is so similar to AZT, that any temporary help it may/may not give is only warrented in the most dire, extreme cases, and dosing of very, very short duration.

    As in the early years of AIDS, SARS was deemed to be so quickly fatal, any and all efforts were rationalized, thus re: AIDS, Project Inform by Martin Delaney and James Corti began their quick black market transporting of Ribarvirin, etc., from Mexico into the U.S. in the early 1980’s. Almost from Project Inform’s onset, Dr. Anthony Fauci became their ally, was appointed head of NIAID, and quickly pushed “compassionate,” “orphan”, and “IND” (investigative new drug) drugs into use before formal trials and FDA analysis (the drugs I’ve checked in these categories have proven lethality – no surprise). This was all before the official FDA approval of AZT in 1986. And, here we are today, still stuck on Fauci’s drugs.

  11. Douglas Says:

    Re: TS Blog on Fauci and Smith Et. Al


    I am miffed by your obsession with Anthony Fauci as a champion for the dissident cause. Surely you are being facetious? I do understand your intent, but I am afraid it would be lost on the ignorant and unthinking populace.

    Fauci should be the number one target for the World Court, to be tried for genocide. He is a fear monger and an opportunist. He has promoted the lethal ARV’s and the false science which has perpetuated the HIV/AIDS paradigm.

    If he gets a Nobel prize, the Dissidents are finished. (or seriously set back.)

    I had started a draft earlier, to place on your blog, but it was wiped out by a computer miskey. It started out: “Sieg Heil! Anthony Fauci – Long live the Emperor”.

    I must becoming cynical.


    P.S. My salute to you on your response to each of Tara Smith’s assault of the dissident. Someone had to do it. Thank for your superb work. I hope you can continue it to completion soon.

    And a final P.S. I listened to the President of Iran at Columbia University on Monday and to my chagrin, he asserted that the study of the Holocaust is to find the “truth in science”. What a deluded mind. However, I was somewhat uncomfortable as I used the same expression just last month in an open letter to Congressman Kucinich regarding the HIV/AIDS paradigm. But of course, the difference here is that the Holocaust was a fact of history, not of science. Only religious fundamentalist would confuse the two. (I would be interested in your and other’s reaction).

    One more P.S. has discovered that their bulk e-mails have been undelivered by AOL, Hotmail (Microsoft) and Yahoo. I have found that I haven’t received anything from them since April 9th. What else is not delivered?

  12. MacDonald Says:


    Whether you want to call History a science or not, people should be free to seek the truth for themselves.


    1. Ahmadinejad is continually challenged on the issue of the Holocaust.

    2. What we’re listening to, or reading, are the words of a translator, who has to translate not only between languages but between cultural perceptions.

    (No, I’m not particularly impressed with Ahmadinejad or Iran but I do think I understand him better than most Americans)

  13. Michael Says:

    I just attempted to post the following comedic spoof on Tara’s Aetiology blog thread,

    Loneliness causes AIDS, claims HIV “dissident” Michael Geiger

    including signing it as posted by Tony Fauci, but it seems she is holding all posts from my computer. If anyone else who can post there wants to attempt to post it, enjoy:

    Girls and boys, I myself have been shitting my pants lately and am now in need of diapers. Fact is, I have slowly been losing control. You better look at this, and you will understand why, because the handwriting is WRITTEN ON THE PROVERBIAL WALL:

    New papers in the Sept. 1 edition of The Journal of Immunology

    Verifies that CD4 counts, and likely HIV itself, has nothing to do with AIDS.

    A quote from the researcher:

    “”But after more than six years, we are sure that CD4 depletion by itself does not necessarily result in progression to AIDS”.”

    Or how about this one from September 10, 2007 BMJ:

    Virological Evidence Cannot Prove Transmission In HIV Criminal Cases

    Looks like the Andre Parenzee case is likely also going to get thrown in the trash. The Dentist, Dr. Acer, in Florida didn’t have this evidence at the time that we framed him in the Bergalis case. If he had, she might not have scared herself to death, and he might not have killed himself.


    Or this one from the September 14, 2007 BMJ:

    Different HIV Rates Among Gay Men And Straight People Not Fully Explained By Sexual Behavior

    Dear TARA, Chris, DT, Adele, Elkmount, Franklin, and all of my and Bob Gallo’s fans and supporters,

    Thank you all for your generous support for the last 25 years. But alas, things change. It now seems that my little retroviral world is falling apart and it seems that my ship is slowly sinking.

    Perhaps you should jump ship now and at least save yourselves from further embarrasment. You really should write your next blog thread with your own full apologies to all of the dissidents. And be sure to give them all my highest regards.

    As for my own public apology, I myself am at least going to wait till after I get my Lasker award next week. (and hopefully wait till after I am retired, or perhaps I will even wait till after I am dead and buried)

    Posted by: Tony Fauci | September 26, 2007 10:26 PM

  14. Michael Says:

    I tried to post the following on aetiology, but she is holding all posts from my computer address no matter what email adress I put in. I comically signed this one as Posted by: Tony Fauci


    Girls and boys, I have slowly been losing control lately. You better look at this, and you will understand why, because the handwriting is WRITTEN ON THE PROVERBIAL WALL:

    New papers in the Sept. 1 edition of The Journal of Immunology

    Verifies that CD4 counts, and likely HIV itself, has nothing to do with AIDS.

    A quote from the researcher:

    “”But after more than six years, we are sure that CD4 depletion by itself does not necessarily result in progression to AIDS”.”

    Or how about this one from September 10, 2007 BMJ:

    Virological Evidence Cannot Prove Transmission In HIV Criminal Cases

    Looks like the Andre Parenzee case is likely also going to get thrown in the trash. The Dentist in Florida didn’t have this evidence at the time that we framed him in the Bergalis case. If he had, she might not have scared herself to death, and he might not have killed himself.


    Or this one from the September 14, 2007 BMJ:

    Different HIV Rates Among Gay Men And Straight People Not Fully Explained By Sexual Behavior

    Dear TARA, Chris, DT, Adele, Elkmount, Franklin, and all of my and Bob Gallo’s fans and supporters,

    Thank you all for your generous support for the last 25 years. But alas, things change. It now seems that my little retroviral world is falling apart and it seems that my ship is slowly sinking.

    Perhaps you should jump ship now and at least save yourselves from further embarrasment. You really should write your next blog thread with your own full apologies to all of the dissidents. And be sure to give them all my highest regards.

    As for my own public apology, I myself am at least going to wait till after I get my Lasker award next week. (and hopefully wait till after I am retired, or perhaps I will even wait till after I am dead and buried)

  15. MacDonald Says:

    Tara doen’t approve of anyone taking Fauci’s name in vain

    Tara Smith Aetiology Blog –
    Loneliness causes AIDS, claims HIV “dissident” Michael Geiger thread Sep 27 2007

  16. Truthseeker Says:

    These comment threads of Tara’s are amusing but since none of the people posting are worried about total accuracy they must be very confusing for the onlookers and newbies. But still, Michael and others are doing a fine job it seems of knocking down men of straw. On the whole Tara has done a service to the community as usual by showing that there are two sides to the question she decided before it was even posed. One wonders if the purpose is a) to pave the way for tenure and b) to provide an escape hatch in case it all comes tumbling down.

  17. MacDonald Says:

    I think the purpose is for her to be able to claim that she is an expert on “denialist intellectual strategies” through personal experience. And it has worked, PLoS was so impressed with her credentials in the area that they let her publish her profound insights with not a single question asked.

  18. yello Says:

    Thank you Michael Sir for those articles.

    However, I had to chuckle at this gem…..

    “But to end the HIV epidemic, gay men would need to have rates of unprotected sex several times lower than those currently evident among the straight population. This is because transmission rates are higher for anal sex than they are for vaginal sex, say the authors.

    But “role versatility,” whereby people adopt both “insertive” and “receptive roles,” also plays a part, they add.

    A gay man can be easily infected through unprotected receptive sex, and then infect someone else through insertive sex.”

    Gay men are therefore far more susceptible to the spread of the virus through the population, even with the same numbers of unprotected sexual partners.”

    Evidently these folks never read Padian et al. or are men who bottom far more vunerable to “seroconversion” than women who happily do the same?

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