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Awards in Washington for Duesberg and Farber

Library of Congress site of ceremony honoring whistleblowers of HIV/AIDS

Semmelweis society salutes their self-sacrifice, then they will speak in No FEAR tribunal hearings in Congress

Black community will likely pay attention, and so will Congressional staffers

Should Anthony Fauci buy a suitcase?

libraryof-congress.jpgThis is Whistleblower Week in Washington, and among the award honorees who will testify before tribunal panels at both Houses of Congress are two chief thorns in the side of Anthony Fauci, noted medical bureaucrat, director of NIAID and chief promoter of the extremely well funded but almost entirely incredible claim that HIV is an infectious virus and causes AIDS.

Tomorrow, May 13 Tuesday, Peter Duesberg of the University of Berkeley, and Celia Farber, freelance contributor to Harpers and other magazines, will be among twenty people honored at the Library of Congress by the Semmelweis Society for their achievements in blowing the whistle on bad behavior in science and medicine.

The Clean Hands awards ceremony will stretch from morning to late afternoon, as each recipient of a Semmelweis prize will be given time to address the audience, which may include interested staff members of Congressional offices and committees, anticipating the non governmental hearings on Wednesday when both Duesberg and Farber will testify within both Houses of Congress in the so-called No FEAR Tribunals arranged by the No FEAR Institute of Washington, DC (301-320-3021).

As they were last year, the Tribunals will be panels composed of members of Congress and prominent civil and human rights activists, and the purpose of their hearings will be to air the facts on the individual cases highlighted by the awards, and others involving discrimination and reprisal against whistleblowers.

peter_duesberg.jpgThe Wednesday sessions are scheduled for 9-noon in the House of Representatives, Room 2200 of the Rayburn House Office Building, and from 2-4pm in the Senate, Room 215, Dirksen Senate Office Building. Among those testifying as well as Duesberg and Farber are fellow awardees Michael Bennett, president of the Coalition for Patients’ Rights which pushes to reduce hospital infections (one killed his father), Patrick Campbell who tipped the FBI that 83% of the heart surgeries at his hospital were unnecessary, and Tim Goosby, an anaesthetist who lost his license when he reported a surgeon using experimental drugs with patient consent.

In the evening on Tuesday there will be a screening of the film, The Constant Gardener, arranged by the Semmelweis Society, whose day’s events are presented by its president. Roland Chalifoux, and co-chair Gil Meleikowsky, the gravel voiced president of the Alliance for Patient Safety, whose motto is Edmund Burke’s observation that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Meleikowsky is a whistleblower himself, a gynecologist and fertility specialist in Los Angeles who reportedly horrified his hospital review committee by supporting a patient in her complaint that her Fallopian tubes were needlessly removed without warning or expectation, and who was then severed from the institution for the sin of “not maximizing the income of the hospital”, as one observer puts it.

Chalifoux is a neurosurgeon who survived the revocation of his license in Texas engineered by his rivals, who was granted new licenses after review in West Virginia and Michigan. Still pursued by the Texas medical board, Califoux has countered with a class action lawsuit.

A full list of this year’s Clean Hands honorees is at the Alliance for Patient Safety (323 650-6667), and a list of the ones that will testify is at this page.

Alerting the black community, and the next President

One result of Duesberg and Farber’s participation in these events may be to tip off the black community that Rev. Wright may not be completely off the mark in viewing HIV/AIDS as a governmental conspiracy to attack the black community, even if his theory of HIV itself as a federal concoction is prima facie ridiculous.

For if Duesberg is right and HIV is neither infectious nor the cause of AIDS, then the 22 years of evading this peer reviewed conclusion under the generalship of Dr Fauci and his legendary success in raising vast funds for HIV/AIDS research, all of it therefore misdirected, would be knowing and therefore culpable misuse of public funds, and its present culmination in targeting the black community a needless, and in its medical effects a vicious, assault on the black community, whose high percentage of HIV positive test results would be medically meaningless (in fact they appear to be genetically based).

fauntroy.gifWhy is the black community likely to pay attention to the Semmelweis Clean Hands awards, and the No FEAR tribunal testimony of Duesberg and Farber? Because the No Fear Institute is chaired by a black American, Walter E. Fauntroy, a confidant of Martin Luther King who represented the District of Columbia in Congress for 20 years.

After the tribunals on Wednesday evening, there will be another awards reception for his FEAR Institute from 6-8pm at 2168 Rayburn House Office Building, where the recipients will include Chalifoux, three Senators including John Kerry, and five Congressional Representatives including Sheila Jackson Lee and John Conyers. It seems unlikely that these influential people will not want to be fully briefed about Duesberg.

On the whole, it would seem that the case of Duesberg vs Fauci in the matter of HIV and AIDS would fit squarely into the purpose of the No FEAR Institute, which is to educate the public about how “intolerance and retaliation against whistleblowers (truth-tellers) in the federal sector threatens public health and safety.” It is, however, a massively larger case than the ones they are used to:

I was told to keep Americans safe from Weapons of Mass Destruction–but I didn’t have a computer with internet connection. After I filed a complaint, I was fired.” Janet Howard, former Commerce Department Employee 25 years.

“After I testified on behalf of a whistleblower–the government admittedly made a series of mistakes in my pay—and sent me to Federal prison.” Jon Grand, former EPA employee

“There is a long history of sexual and physical abuse perpetuated upon USDA Forest Service female employees.” Lesa Donnelly, USDA Coalition of Minority Employees

Perhaps next year Duesberg and Farber can get a No FEAR award to add to their mantelpiece collections, and in the meantime the next US president, Barack Obama, and his supporter Oprah Winfrey just might update their understanding of the true picture in the vexed field of HIV/AIDS.

fauci190.jpgAlong with this it does not seem impossible that staffers of some relevant Committee or Congressman/woman might pursue the matter, and the first steps taken to bring Anthony Fauci, Robert Gallo et al to account for what appears to be the greatest boondoggle in medical history, which will eventually yield its own movie.

Meanwhile we will have to be satisfied with the Constant Gardener, or the other movies on the theme of misconduct by the powers that be to be shown this week in the No FEAR Film Festival.

Michael Geiger’s account

The gay HIV critic and firebrand letter writer Michael Geiger of the HEAL board in San Diego was interviewed after the event by Zengers Magazine, and gave a very good account of what transpired.

29 Responses to “Awards in Washington for Duesberg and Farber”

  1. drpsduke Says:


    What’s this?

  2. Truthseeker Says:

    Yes, thanks for the heads up. Dear me, AIDSTruthiness blogger John P. “I have a number of macaques available for $2 million worth of research on microbicides ” Moore is reacting very swiftly to the provocation of our post, which he apparently considers important to counter.

    Dr Duke is referring to this piece at, anonymous in the usual exhibition of cowardice by the writer who is fond of calling the author of this blog “Tony Baloney”, which is the single probably unintended witticism of any merit that he has managed in years of commentary on this topic, all of it designed to suffocate the truth by disseminating misinformation as widely as possible (witty only because Baloney is a variation on the nickname the victim of this razor sharp insult suffered at school).

    Mr Duesberg goes to Washington

    News reaches us of yet another farcical event in the life of the ‘Rethinking AIDS’ group. RA’s media expert (sic), David Crowe has been trumpeting the news that Peter Duesberg and Celia Farber were supposed to collect “Clean Hands” awards from the Semmelweiss Society, as part of “Whistleblower Week in Washington”. These awards come from a fringe group, and have no scientific or political significance. And yet even this non-event turned into farce, as it so often does when RA gets involved. We would like to thank Liz Ely for bringing us into the loop with another misrouted email (Hey Liz, are you being taught by Andy Maniotis?). In any case, you’re doing a fine job as RA’s new publicist, so well done on your first major project! It won’t be long before you’re as successful in this role as David himself was. We think back fondly to when he gave AIDSTruth such valuable help in winning the “Battle of the BBC” with his brilliantly judged, superbly timed press release!

    Protests from the TAC and some individual gay men alerted the meeting organizers to the view that giving a whistle-blowing award to Duesberg and Farber would be akin to honoring Saddam Hussein for field-testing chemical weapons so successfully. As a result, the organizers finally did due diligence on just who they were dealing with, and decided not to make the award in public, fearing a hostile reaction from the audience. Farber and Duesberg had a “debate” about which of them was the most “radioactive” and whether either of them should withdraw to save the other, rather missing the point: Both of them have blood on their hands, particularly the blood of the South Africans that Duesberg so insultingly dismisses as “Schwartzes” and the gay men he calls “homos” (see here and here). We should never forget that Duesberg formulated the propaganda that Farber preaches, just as Tariq Aziz did for Saddam Hussein in their day.
    We were also pleased to note that no less a luminary than Michael Geiger drove, uninvited, all the way from San Diego to Washington to take part in this oh so important event. But when he tried to make his views on HIV/AIDS known to the organizers, he was asked to leave the meeting he’d gate-crashed! Clearly, a “private meeting on sensitive political matters” is not a suitable environment for nutty old Michael. Never mind Michael, if you keep the receipts, RA will reimburse you for your gas, even when it’s up there at $4 a gallon! And don’t worry about the time you wasted making the trip, as you never do anything useful anyway (at least, not useful to the RA group).

    And even Anthony “Tony Baloney” Liversidge tried to “contribute” to the events, phoning in his views on HIV/AIDS only to taken for an anti-Duesberg, South African AIDS activist! The confusion is hardly surprising as Anthony’s views are always expressed so incoherently that nobody can ever understand just what he’s trying to say.

    The Semmelweis Society’s involvement in this pathetic affair has a bitter irony. Dr. Semmelweis is remembered for his role in preventing mother to child transmission of lethal pathogens. In contrast, Duesberg and Farber are remembered for their efforts to kill new born children by restricting their mothers’ access to the life-saving drugs such as AZT and nevirapine that prevent mother to child transmission of that lethal pathogen, HIV. If Dr. Semmelweis were alive today, he would be turning in his grave. Or perhaps the Semmelweis Society was acting satirically?

    Finally, our sincere sympathies go to Celia Farber for the stress she suffered during her taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. It must be tough not to get an upgrade to the front seat of a Yellow Cab, Celia! Or are you just running out of cash for the fare nowadays, after we blew the whistle on the errors in your Harper’s Magazine article and exposed to the media world just how “radioactive” you truly are?

    PS: AIDS Truth team members have since been in touch with various professional organizations linked to this awards ceremony, further explaining just what the RA group is and the nature of its perverse, anti-science, anti-health agenda. Doors are now slamming all over Washington, phones will go unanswered, lunches uneaten. This has been yet another political fiasco for the RA group, which never seems to realize that no rational person will ever give them the time of day, once the shroud of deceit is lifted and the reality exposed.

    * By AIDSTruth at 14 May 2008 18:19pm

    Casual readers of Science Guardian should know that this series of assertions is the opposite of truth in almost every respect that we know of. In fact the author John P. Moore of Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan is one of the chief miscreants caught red handed by the writings of Peter Duesberg and Celia Farber which point to the dangerous and potentially lethal mis-medications given to gays, pregnant Africans, etc on the sole and evidently completely unfounded basis that they are needed to combat the depredations of HIV, held to cause AIDS against all indications in the medical and scientific literature, including papers written by John P. Moore himself.

    It will be interesting to see if there is any there at all in this piece of schoolyard jeering, its purported facts drawn presumably from the gay grapevine fed by some local in Washington assigned by Moore to attend the ceremonies and campaign against them behind the scenes, since Michael Geiger did go to Washington for this significant event, but Washington is a long way to drive from Los Angeles, and a moment’s thought suggests that an air trip would be cheaper and faster, and furthermore Geiger seemed in a very good mood when we contacted him earlier tonight. We will find out more of what happened to make him so when we reconnect, but all signs are that our prediction that this event would allow some men and women of influence to meet and question Duesberg and Farber at the meeting and at private meals later is being borne out.

    John P. Moore can phone his gay or straight friends among the Washington Post editors if he likes, and as many politicians and their staffers as he wishes, but the reality of funding politics in the Internet age is that nothing is as powerful as a personal encounter in changing minds. and while it is true that the prize givers seemed to know less than they might have about the scene in which Duesberg and Farber have played such heroic roles, we doubt that they do not admire them even more now that they have met both in person.

    John P. Moore’s rants on the other hand and the efforts of his assigned saboteur are unlikely to impress anyone whose special interest is the unjust abuse of whistleblowers.

    By the way, lest we be accused of “homophobia” in the way John P. Moore likes to do in detracting those that threaten the universal belief he lives by and on, we should point out to the unsophisticated that a major influence which has maintained and protected the paradigm of HIV/AIDS all these years is the enthusiasm of gays for a theory that implies the public at large are at equal risk for the disease, when in fact all signs are that in reality AIDS is not infectious and not due to the virus and in the case of AIDS in this country, was a result of extreme drug taking peculiar to some gays, an alternative analysis which would explain why it has remained effectively confined to gays over the past three decades in the US, contrary to the distribution of supposed AIDS in Africa and Asia.

    In this respect we are always especially impressed by the independence of mind and honesty of gays who have attempted to save their community by supporting public debate on this issue and who have recognized the credibility of Peter Duesberg and Celia Farber and the validity of their whistleblowing, such as the exemplary Michael Geiger.

    Perhaps when all this is sorted out by the upcoming Congressional investigation that is going to result in the end from this year’s Semmelweis Awards his grateful community will give Geiger a belated Larry Kramer “I Should Have Listened” Award.

  3. Cathyvm Says:

    “Dr. Semmelweis is remembered for his role in preventing mother to child transmission of lethal pathogens.” Would someone like to advise JP Moore that Ignaz Semmelweis didn’t prevent MTC transmission of anything (is he so misinformed that he doesn’t realise there were no ARVs or antibiotics in the early 1800’s?) What Semmelweis is best known for is reducing the incidence of puerperal infection (in mothers, not babies) – caused by doctors not washing their hands between carrying out post mortems on rotting dead bodies and then dealing with women in labour.
    JP Moore would do well to remember this chapter in history; Semmelweis was a Duesberg precursor in that he was persecuted for his (later proven correct) theory that the prevailing arrogant paradigm was costing untold number of lives (he died in a mental hospital for holding such views, which God forbid should happen to the good Prof D).
    Today’s AIDS research is the 1800s equivalent of blowing your nose on your sleeve, wiping rotting flesh on your apron, ministering to the open wounds of the living, and then blaming their deaths on “poisonous miasmas”. For JP Moore to believe that Semmelweis was about “preventing MTCT” displays ignorance of the most unforgivable dimension.

  4. MacDonald Says:

    The Tony Baloney joke is funny because there’s somebody else named Tony as well…

    I’m not sure this piece wasn’t written by proxy though, or possibly co-written; it was quite a formidable literary effort, although in the usual sand box genre.

    But it seems the dear TS has missed the inside scoop on this! Does AIDSpravda have informants in Yellow Cab, or did Celia Farber volunteer the information publicly that she was distressed during the reportedly backseat taxi ride to her hotel. Scientific minds urgently need an answer to this riddle. And how do the august AIDS-agency agents know the contents of and reactions to the Blog Hosts’s telephone conversations? Were they made publicly available along with Ms. Farber’s car sickness, and her deliberations with Prof. Duesberg as to who was hottest to handle?

    Scoop upon scoop for the AIDStruth.organ, although the considerably over-the-top shrillness of the jeering betrays it as empty through and through. Being forced into damage control mode can never be spun as a victory. Massa Moore, South African proverb say: “swiftest is the machete never drawn”.

  5. Truthseeker Says:

    Possibly this childish screed was not written by Moore since even a Downing College graduate should know more about Semmelweis, but it certainly went up fast, and it is well known that Moore is a faithful, even assiduous reader of this humble blog. Anyhow, the sheer effrontery and lack of reality and dare we say it, human feeling about the consequences of his leadership (on the sergeant level) of AIDS science and its false justification for chemo(non)therapeutic medications, and the resulting injury and death of thousands upon thousands of Americans and others, some of them leaders of art and entertainment and sports, suggests Moore, since he is the most blatant Denialist in the HIV camp, Denialist in the sense that he denies the obvious, which is written out plainly in the top journals, that HIV is not and never could be the cause of AIDS, a denial which is so blatant that it has to be capitalized, as in Denialist. The Denialism in this AIDSTruth half-cocked response generated by the alarm Moore and Fauci must feel at Duesberg and Farber winning the ears of influential players in Washington is so blatant that it forces one to comment on the incredible social irreponsibility shown in this AIDSTruth post.

    Who would know from it that the author has any real response to what he refers to falsely as the effect of Duesberg and Farber, the deaths and injuries of hundreds of thousands of people, when he knows very well that they are the result of his and others shrill denunciation of all who ask for proper public debate and review of the situation?

    Of course Denialism is his only mode of operation – the true responsibility and guilt is too massive to be admitted to his consciousness.

  6. MacDonald Says:

    I have no doubt the effort was directed by Moore, but would he really stoop to calling you ‘Tony Baloney’? That is not his usual style. Have you disappointed him lately? And the highly-misplaced-by-such-an-inferior- writer claim that you’re incoherent is a plain contradiction of Moore’s usual adolescent idolization of your skills with pen and ink.

    Mayhap it was the perceived urgency that called for these substandard-even-for-Moore insults and assorted fact-free ravings.

    I have, by the way, in my possession a communique from a trusted correspondent assuring us that the two, now three, since the luminous Michael Geiger has generously been included, protagonists are very pleased with themselves and the way things went. So the outcome couldn’t have been better since every party considers itself a winner – true, true, some on their single-digit readership dot organ, some on youtube where the filmed reception of the prestigious award will soon be broadcast for the benefit of thousands. In other words, each a winner after her own measure.

  7. drpsduke Says:

    Oh my, the world has gone topsy turvy again. Flashback to 2002:

    Denialist in the sense that he denies the obvious, which is written out plainly in the top journals, that HIV is not and never could be the cause of AIDS, a denial which is so blatant that it has to be capitalized, as in Denialist. The Denialism in this AIDSTruth half-cocked response generated by the alarm Moore and Fauci must feel at Duesberg and Farber winning the ears of influential players in Washington is so blatant that it forces one to comment on the incredible social irreponsibility shown in this AIDSTruth post.

  8. Douglas Says:

    I read it the way you did, MD. However, I gave it less time and less attention. It definitely is a mystery how the writer knows such personal details. Why don’t we ask Celia who she told this story? If true, I doubt if she told many. And did Michael actually drive? I talked to him a couple of days before and he didn’t mention the idea to me. Maybe he plans to stay awhile. No reason to knock him.

    In any case, I find the whole take on the event as being absurd and not funny. And very disconcerting that we have a counter spy in our midst. As Keith Obermann said last night in his commentary to the President, “Shut the HELL up!

    I’m looking for positive gains by the dissidents and so far we get only this.

  9. MacDonald Says:

    How about some real topsy turvy news Sir Duke:

    Health expert calls for end to UN HIV programme
    Friday, 09 May 2008 08:17

    The joint United Nations programme on HIV and Aids should be “closed down rapidly”, according to a health management expert.

    Roger England, chairman of Health Systems Workshop – an independent advisory group on health management in poor countries – says UNAids should be disbanded as its mandate is “wrong and harmful”.

    Launched in 1996, UNAids is based in Switzerland and works in more than 80 countries worldwide against the spread of HIV and Aids.

    Writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Mr England says the agency was set up on the argument that HIV and its impact are exceptional.

    But he writes that this argument is no longer valid and says the claims HIV needs its own body as it can tip households into poverty would also apply to all serious diseases and disasters.

    “HIV is a major disease in southern Africa, but it is not a global catastrophe, and language from a top UNAids official that describes it as ‘one of the make-or-break forces of this century’ and a ‘potential threat to the survival and well-being of people worldwide’ is sensationalist,” Mr England said.

    “Worldwide the number of deaths from HIV each year is about the same as that among children aged under five years in India.”

    He argues that “far too much is spent on HIV relative to other needs and that this is damaging health systems”.

    His estimates claim HIV causes 3.7 per cent of mortality but receives a quarter of international healthcare aid and a “big chunk” of domestic expenditure.

    “HIV exceptionalism is dead – and the writing is on the wall for UNAIDS,” Mr England said.

    “Why a UN agency for HIV and not for pneumonia or diabetes, which both kill more people?”

    He added: “UNAids should be closed down rapidly, not because it has performed badly given its mandate, which it has not, but because its mandate is wrong and harmful.

    “Its technical functions should be refitted into [the World Health Organisation], to be balanced with those for other diseases.”

  10. Truthseeker Says:

    What mystery is there about the source of the AIDSTruth information, somewhat misstated as it is? The writer states that he is in possession of a frank email Elizabeth Ely, in charge of pr for the Rethinking AIDS group, sent out to them, which was leaked in some way.

    Subject to a storm of objections from the AIDS gang starting with some email from South Africa, the co-chairmen of the conference at first responded to my balanced and objective enquiries by thinking I was also from the same location and hostile to the excellent example they were setting, in according Peter Duesberg and Celia Farber public recognition and honor for their unswerving truthseeking. But they were soon set straight as to my journalistic objectivity and support for all efforts to protect free speech..

    Of course Michael Geiger flew. The object of the AIDSTruth poster is as usual to sow landmines of disinformation in front of the slow but sure (certain as funerals for all concerned, in the end) progress of the dissenters’ oxen as they draw the tumbril in which ride Messrs Fauci, Gallo, Moore and all others who presently are too busy defending their collapsing paradigm from all comers to notice where they are heading.

    That BMJ is willing to run an editorial stating that UNAIDS is overspending on HIV/AIDS is another indication of how the medical profession might yet save us from the scientists and their folly in this field. The writer of the sane and helpful piece on Duesberg in Discover is a writer for BMJ also.

  11. Michael Says:

    To all my dear friends and Guardians of Truth, From Washington, DC, and the Seat of the Republic.

    After 4 whirlwind days of meetings and greetings, and of pressing the hands that have pressed the hands, of deepening alliances with those who directly press the hands that are now turning the rudders and redirecting the sails of this great ship of these United States, I can only say that I am deeply humbled and awed by having been here and having been highly privileged to have been a part of the alliances and friendships and commitments that have now been made and affirmed.

    I will only tell you that these new friends and allies, these men and women of courage, integrity, influence and power, have now determined that meetings are to be set whereupon the plans shall be laid and the maps shall be drawn to shine light upon the darkness, and freedom will prevail.

    As to what you have informed via the AIDStruth dialogue.

    It contained bits of truth, but was mixed with misperceptions, including misperceptions of Miss Ely herself.

    Most importantly, in order to find ways and means of getting to DC, I simply drank a Red Bull energy drink, grew wings, and flew.

    As to having been “ejected” as a gate crasher? It is indeed true.

    I had been asked to leave a meeting of Semmelweis!

    Further details….., As I know you all wish for more details having been unable to have been here on this momentous occasion for yourselves….

    Upon my arrival, I waited for Miss Ely, Miss Farber, and Dr. Duesberg to arrive. Miss Ely arrived first, and she and I entered the Semmelweis meeting to introduce ourselves. Beth introduced herself as the representative of Rethinking AIDS, whereupon the gentleman in charge asked me to introduce myself. I stated but my name, and he asked me “And who is Michael Geiger”. As I had just read the “Discovery piece and a few blogs painting Peter Duesberg as a “homophobe”, I looked at the gathered crowd, and said ” I am Peter’s boyfriend, but don’t tell Siggi, because it is a secret”.

    Needless to say, eyes popped, jaws dropped, and the leading speaker said ” We know that is not true, because Peter is married with a son, and, uh, um, uh….” Whereupon several others broke the shock of the moment with laughter, and one said loudly “You need to be talking to the reverend here”, as he pointed to the Reverend Fauntroy whose eyes then rolled with embarrassment.

    Thereupon I told them, “If you think my own wit and sense of humor to be strong, you will soon be meeting Dr. Duesberg, and I advise you to be ready for anything”. I turned, walked back to the lobby to await Peter and Celia’s arrival.

    Upon their arrival, Peter and Celia insisted that I accompany them into the meeting, however, I declined, as this was their time to be front and center as the events were being laid out. After a bit, and before dinner was served, a break in discussions occurred and I re-entered the room, and indeed, sat down right next to Reverend Fauntroy, and we enjoyed a brief, gay man to a black man discussion of the issue of HIV, AIDS, homosexuals, and blacks.

    I shared with him the plight of gay men over the last 25 years, and that I had witnessed the rise of this phenomenon of so-called AIDS in the gay and black communities since before the word “AIDS” meant anything other then a “Teachers Assistant”. I bore him direct witness of exactly what I have seen, and why I have seen it in such a light. I informed him that he as a black man, has greater freedom and acceptability then do I as a homo. He can serve in the military. I am turned away. He can marry whoever he wants. I cannot. He has more value and more rights and more dignity given to him by our society then I have. This he could not deny, and I had his full attention.

    I told him how my gay brothers have suffered from homophobia, from being told by some, including black preachers, that if there is a God, He hates me. I told him that as we gays reached out for societal inclusion and sought out our constitutionally and God given rights to freedom and equality, we were attacked by those such as Anita Bryant and the Evangelist extremists, and by some of our own now homophobic families and others. I told him gay men breaking free of the pain of their secluded closets were told by the hundreds of thousands “Do not ever talk to me again, you are not my son” by those who should have loved them, and who should have accepted them exactly as they are.

    I told him how deeply gay men have been cut by the blades of intolerance. I told him that this hatred and loathing of gays led to the breaking of many hearts and spirits. That many of us became self loathing drug addicts, sex addicts, who carried within our own quiet unspoken death wishes. That these wishes soon became fulfilled for many. That this was the foundation for what we know as AIDS. I told him the only gays who suffer even greater pain then a white homosexual is a black homosexual, as they are beaten down not only by the rejection of their families for their sexuality, but are beaten down yet further by racist intolerance inflicted by some of the gay community itself.

    I told him I believe Peter to be fully correct that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. That men and women who live in the destitution of Africa’s poverty and malnutrition, and all those who feel life is hopeless and not worth living, suffer most illness and disease and early death. Pills, even the most toxic pills, will never cure the ailments that spring forth from such.

    The reverend fully understood, as the black communities he has ministered to have suffered greatly as well from intolerance, self loathing, and disconnections from higher truth.

    He assured me he only knows too well that it is by uplifting ourselves and all our brothers and sisters in light and truth to the divinity of who we really are, that such dis-ease will be minimized.

    About this time, the individuals leading the meeting noticed I was seated next to the reverend, who was not able to get even a bite of his meal while we spoke.

    Out of concern for the good reverend, someone came over and said they would soon be voting upon some issues and asked if I would wait outside the meeting. As the arrow of my words had found the target, and had now been delivered to the “heart” of those gathered, I was now more then happy to allow these fine men and women to get back to their dinners, and votes.

    It was not until after the meeting, that I had been informed of who Reverend Fauntroy is. Not being a political follower, I pray he forgive me for not even knowing that he is an esteemed member of congress.

    Many more such discussions have taken place over the last 4 days, and I rest easy knowing I have been clearly heard.

    The rethinkers now have much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to, though our work need yet intensify. We must make more such alliances, gather the funds, make the plans, draw the maps, and chart a new and higher course for all of mankind. I was thrilled to hear the ban against gay marriage had been overturned yesterday in California. It is one further step to the obliteration of the epidemic of homophobia that is truly at the heart of the issue of why gay men have joined modern science in suicide missions.

    Our course is now set. Our work is cut out for us. May the Guardians of Truth and Light and Justice and Freedom for all prevail.

    Godspeed to All,

    Michael Geiger,

    Washington, DC
    May 16th, 2008

  12. Truthseeker Says:

    Thank you Michael, that is certainly a fine and moving testament to the roots of the AIDS tragedy in this country, and the historical setting of injustice and inhumanity by which gays have become complicit in their own destruction, rushing to serve their executioners by enforcing the censorship which protects the ill founded medical rationale for their drinking of the HIV/AIDS Kool AID. We will with your permission preserve it here in a prominent position as a special Page indexed on the right (and even more prominently in a place on the new site which will be coming soon, in which this blog will be incorporated – Damned

    As this blog has through its own long account and review sought to make clear, this rationale would not otherwise survive the review they prevent, as anyone who takes the time to read the literature of the science of AIDS will discover, or if they cannot understand that literature, then the many books written on the topic of why HIV is clearly not the cause of immune dysfunction.

    That any group, whether scientists profiting from the paradigm, or the laymen who for these and other psychological reasons take refuge in their panic by manning the barricades against its review, actually acts to prevent help and rescue from their own misguided (by the AIDS establishment, from Anthony Fauci and David Baltimore to John P. Moore all the way down to unpaid mercenary Chris Noble) support for blatantly bad science, is one of the greatest indications of how powerfully human weakness can rule human affairs even in science in the 21st Century, an elementary political truth which now urgently demands protective reform of the peer review system.

    That reform to preserve science from internal political corruption is the purpose of this blog, just as it is the goal of the legislation supported by the Semmelweis Society, the No FEAR Institute, and other bodies formed to support whistleblowers against the revenge of the institutions and officials they expose.

  13. Elizabeth Ely Says:

    Hello, Beth Ely checking in here. I’m the public relations chairperson for Rethinking AIDS, one of the people who publicized this event, and I was there–at least, up until about 4 p.m. Wednesday.

    The “AIDStruth” article is indeed based on an actual e-mail that I wrote, but it distorts a few things in it. I find it laughable, especially since nobody seems to check that site anyway. They’re probably getting a record number of hits from “us” over this article. The article is stupid, petty, dubiously witty, and mean. Other than that, it gets a few things right as well as wrong.

    I made no mistake in sending a private e-mail to my group, written as if it was written at 2 a.m., because it was. I was not careless in sending it, either, which raises more questions. My foremost question is, why are these people so proud of themselves for getting ahold of a private e-mail with no incriminating information in it? As if they’re such great people for spying on others, possibly illegally. As if I included some kind of state secret or inciminating information. The e-mail reported developments and personal opinions based on what I knew at that time. There are so many copies of this floating around, I’m sure you can get one and judge for yourself. For instance, I never said that a gay man actually protested — I said that his doctor expressed concern that he might, and that the doctor himself was willing to talk to this man about how scientific integrity is more important than a feeling.

    While I appreciate Michael Geiger’s enthusiastic characterization of this event, I must be truthful about my own opinions and say that I am not yet sure just how influential were the people we met. I fully acknowledge that we are taboo in some quarters — hence the “whistleblower” award. Did they think over there at AIDStruth that we were bragging that two of our associates were honored for being popular and marketable? We fight this battle for scientific and journalistic integrity, not product placement. We know personally the kind of hysteria the issue brings up in some people. That hysteria doesn’t make us wrong.

    Our point is that progress in AIDS research has been derailed by this quashing of dissent. Consider our point made, whether our presence there was controversial or highly lauded. It was both.

    At least two e-mails were sent around from TAC/TAG, attempting to dissuade organizers and supporters from recognizing Duesberg and Celia. The messages were just plain silly, and you can have a look them, too, floating around the ‘net. These messages intimidated no one there. We cannot, of course, know what anyone’s private thoughts or full motivations, but all anyone told us was that the e-mails made no difference.

    TAC/TAG did, however, attempt to shut down two dissenters — at a dissenters’ conference. I think it’s important to note that.

    The other awardees were doctors, nurses and other professionals with very sad stories of the consequences to their lives and careers after they reported colleagues’ ethical lapses. Their stories are important to patient safety and informed consent. I was personally very moved and was, if anything, TOO willing to honor a request to give their cause center stage, without distraction from AIDS issues if necessary.

    However, Dr. Duesberg and Celia Farber did receive the award. The ceremony occurred after I had left. I heard about, but was not an eyewitness to, the presence of several members of Congress. This award acknowledges our AIDS work and Duesberg and Farber’s contributions to it. I congratulate them and thank them for sticking around to receive it when the outcome was anything but clear. I also thank Gil Mileikowsky and Roland Chalifoux, awards organizers, for their courage in the end.

    Finally, ask yourself what, if anything, this cat-fight over the awards accomplishes to help “AIDS” patients. Does it educate them about the racial and “risk group” biases in HIV testing? Does it explore the recent failures of AIDS vaccines? More likely, it just helps a few people at TAC/TAG fill their time with meanness, obfuscation and petty argument, because they seem to have absolutely nothing to say about the real issues here.

  14. Truthseeker Says:

    Thanks for that Elizabeth. Very clear.

    Quite right, of course, this behavior shows as clearly as a neon sign that the science the scientific leaders, bureaucrats and activists trumpet and refuse to have debated is doubtful or unfounded, and that they share these doubts themselves and are forced to attack rather than defend, since attack is their only means of defense.

    From Stalin through Hitler and Saddam Hussein to China, Burma, Mugabe and NIAID today, the violent quashing of free speech and the denial of dissent by people in position and power demonstrates a justified fear of review, ie fear of being shown to be wrong, which translates to being wrong and knowing it, and thus criminally responsible for unreviewed official policy and actions.

    It is hard to believe that anyone is so naive as not to see immediately that those who protest too much when asked to justify their actions must feel guilty, and probably are, and likewise those who protest when asked to justify their science must know or feel that it will not bear close public inspection. If they knew they had a strong or proven case, they would be delighted to show it, and would grant respect to others as a means of validating the arguments they would persuade them with.

    Good scientists are glad to take on critics with respect and attention since they are glad to explain their work to attentive listeners who can appreciate its value, and they can always learn something from having to make their ideas clearer, perhaps even that find that they are wrong and need replacing, a prospect which does not frighten people who have nothing to hide.

    Playing dirty politics in defense of beliefs shows that the beliefs are not founded on good reason and good evidence but on the contrary are vulnerable to it, especially in the minds of those who maintain them with dirty politics and .other social violence.

  15. patrick moore Says:

    I just read JP Moore’s latest broadside against Duesberg and have to note that he fired off the wrong side. Moore accuses Duesberg of being racist for calling Africans “Schwartzes”.

    First off he misspells the word. The correct spelling is “schwarz” or the plural “schwarze”

    Second he misdefines the word. Moore claims it is the german equivalent “of the “n” word”. The german equivalent of “nigger” is “Neger”.

    Schwarz simply means black.

  16. Truthseeker Says:

    That’s a very fine metaphor.

    As I understand it also what you say is true Patrick, so that all Duesberg is saying is “blacks” for “blacks” and “homos” for “homosexuals”. Why should he use the new coinage “gays” if he is speaking as an academic? But the wriggle room for complaint is provided by the letter “t”, I believe, which makes the word more like the N word when it occurs in Yiddish, “schwartze”.

    Any experts please correct if this is wrong.

    Anyhow the accusation that an HIV critic is “homophobic” is prima facie evidence that the accuser knows he (the accuser) is vulnerable on the science and is forced to resort to other means to defeat review by evading it with distracting and misleading politics.

  17. patrick moore Says:

    Does Duesberg write schwarz with a “T”?

  18. Truthseeker Says:

    Duesberg is simply a straight talker who refuses to use “African American” or similar PC corruptions. He says (ie jokes) that “I would rather be a racist than use that kind of language!” He says that “schwarzes” is not particularly derogatory, not at all in fact, and was the way Germans referred to blacks when he grew up and still is as far as he knows.

    The whole problem is that most unworldly Americans don’t understand irony or sarcasm in the European vein. So trying to be funny gets him into trouble with the earnest amongst us, who are legion. As far as humor goes this is obviously a very different society even at the university level from the older European intellectual elites, and even analyzing the difference involves too many regional varieties and begs for trouble.

    But the one thing that is crystal clear is that Duesberg is kindly disposed towards blacks and gays, since he is a fine human being who lives on a higher plane than any of these wretches at AIDSTruth, who show their inferiority with such silly and unpleasant allegations, as well as their desperation for some way to take attention away from the key issue, their appallingly bad science.

  19. Cathyvm Says:

    I almost made the point about the word Schwarz but wasn’t knowledgeable enough about Germany to know if it was considered derogatory. However, the company Schwarzkopf (blackhead) has had no criticism of its name and nobody has boycotted their hair products.
    I also have sympathy with Prof Duesberg on the stifling idiocy of political correctness. Many years back in the UK my homosexual friends (and I had many because I preferred the clubs and music) actually hated the word “gay” and actually preferred “queer”. At one point in the British education system you were castigated for expressing that you liked your coffee “black” or that you had written something out on the “blackboard”. Black is a colour – that’s it!
    Michael, thank you so much for your account and thank you too Elizabeth for your clarification.
    Truthseeker I suspect the AIDStoothless lot doth protest too much.

  20. Cathyvm Says:

    Oh and I suspect JayPee will label me a “fag hag” (British term) for that previous admission.

  21. patrick moore Says:

    I am of german stock and I tell you that there is nothing derogatory about being Schwarz. The journalist simply didn’t get it and Moore jumped all over it like he had just witnessed the hubristic capsizing of the Duesbergian Vasa. I pity Moore. He has no clue sometimes. One of Tara’s resident trolls (adele) thinks “Schubladendenken” sounds nazi-like. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

  22. Celia I. Farber Says:

    TAG, Richard Jefferys, John Moore, Jeanne Bergman, and all the other fanatics are doing the world a great favor by showing their true natures, unvarnished. I do not hesitate to call them fascist.

    They detest freedom of speech, expression, freedom of assembly, freedom to disagree, free press, pluralistic science and everything else lovers of democracy fight for–they are so sensationally low class that they don’t even hesitate to desecrate the ceremonies of others, which all cultures recognize as a very serious assault, only enacted by the very sick.

    I am as honored to be attacked by these frantic howling dogs of a dying regime as I would be to be the victim of Stasi harassment in the GDR.

    I hope they continue. Every time they act out their hateful fanaticism, I get letters from all over the world from people telling me they have seen the loathsome true nature of the AIDS Gestapo, and that the mask has come off entirely.

    They are angry because they have so many dead and dying to answer for, over a quarter of a century. I am well versed in tyranny and liberation movements. This kind of malevolent, hysterical shaming, enacted by the dying powers, is a classic symptom of a dying dictatorship, that like the elephant (Colonial powers) in Orwell’s classic essay, can’t grasp that it has been shot, that it is loathed, that it is going down.

    I propose an experiment: I am, right now, sending a scanned copy of my award to Truthseeker. Let’s see if AIDSTRUTH corrects itself, at any point, upon realizing that Peter Duesberg and I DID indeed, contrary to their propaganda, receive the award in a private ceremony. I want to see how these self declared guardians of truth handle this small shard of truth. I have never in 22 years seen them admit error, so my money is on that they don’t correct it.

    If they don’t, there “can be no question,” as they like to say, that they are in a perturbed relationship to “truth.”

    By the way, Peter Duesberg and I went to the Holocaust Museum together with Michael Geiger, the irony of which I imagine is not lost on anybody here. We had a hard time getting Duesberg to leave at the very end, he was absorbing as many details as he could. When he finally came out he looked quite stricken. He said: “That’s a tough place to be for a Holocaust Denialist.”

    It had been his idea to go. This idea that Duesberg is a racist, a homophobe, or a “Nazi,” is just insanely unfair. As for AIDSTRUTH’s spitting accusation that Duesberg is a “malignant narcissist,” I can honestly say he is the farthest thing from it. They are clearly describing themselves. No matter what hassle, insult, inconvenience, upskuttle came our way in Washington DC, he handled it with grace, manners, dignity, and humor. He never cared about the award one way or another. He doesn’t care to be seen as Important. If you are around him, what you see is a man studying the world with an insatiable curiosity.

    He simply suggested two museums we could go to in our (suddenly) free time.

    The day after the Holocaust museum–Wednesday– he suggested the National Art Gallery, which helped lift our spirits somewhat, and reminded us that time is the only judge, of all things, all works, all creations.

    Everything is as it should be. Nothing can be taken away.

  23. MartinDKessler Says:

    That was beautiful Celia. Peter Duesberg (I had just read the article about him in Discover Magazine) is a true humanitarian and a real Mensch (Yiddish and German for human). But calling someone a Mensch in Yiddish is a real compliment. You are too. After all this time for the fools in the AIDS Establishment to admit that they were wrong would not only be professional suicide, but the resulting repercussions would probably be catastrophic for medicine, drug companies, the economy. The mainstream press would lose credibility – who would believe anything they write? Of course it’s hard to predict exactly what a post HIV/AIDS world would be like.

  24. Truthseeker Says:

    As for AIDSTRUTH’s spitting accusation that Duesberg is a “malignant narcissist,” I can honestly say he is the farthest thing from it. They are clearly describing themselves.

    That is one of the fascinating things about narcissists, they love their mirror so much that they put it in front of their eyes when they are looking at others too.

    The pdf of the excellent Discover article has been linked in the post Duesberg Discovered, courtesy of, which rather foolishly says it is happy to publicize it because it reveals that Duesberg is “homophobic” etc:

    We therefore urge people to read this article, and ask themselves why it is that the views promoted by a man like Peter Duesberg have helped kill so many innocent people all over the world, and particularly in South Africa. Is President Mbeki truly comfortable seeking the advice of a man who refers to the majority of the South African population as “Schwarzes” (the German equivalent of the N-word

    This is deconstructed at the end of the post in an Addendum now. The sheer mediocrity of this kind of response to any positive coverage of Duesberg reminds one of Einstein’s observation that

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”.

    What of the prospects that the great HIV/AIDS misapprehension will come undone? Always interesting to contemplate:

    After all this time for the fools in the AIDS Establishment to admit that they were wrong would not only be professional suicide, but the resulting repercussions would probably be catastrophic for medicine, drug companies, the economy. The mainstream press would lose credibility – who would believe anything they write? Of course it’s hard to predict exactly what a post HIV/AIDS world would be like. -Martin D. Kessler.

    Yes. But wait. True on the face of it as far as the threatened demolition of the careers of Fauci et al are concerned, perhaps, but the whole turnaround can probably be managed by presenting it as a new breakthrough in understanding achieved by briliiant publicly funded research and new evidence which has tracked the Virus into its new mutation with a novel characteristic of being harmless to humans, possibly because the old version was so thoroughly defeated by the tough medications bravely imbibed by the pioneering patients of old, unfortunately dead though they may be, but counted as soldiers in the battle to gain ground in defeating the most lethal virus to visit us since the Black Plague, Nobel prizes all around please.

    You can be sure that Science and Nature are not going to admit that they have published acres of studies based on a false premise that many laymen have been able to see through, with the help of the uniquely principled and public spirited Duesberg and Farber.

    The discovery that HIV is now harmless will one of the great breakthroughs of the 21st Century and Dr Gallo will be first in line for the prize, and justifiably so, since he anticipated even Duesberg in priority, having demonstrated as early as 1984 that HIV was probably not the cause of AIDS, since it occurred in only one third of his patient samples.

    Of course Fauci and Moore later pointed out that HIV actually stimulated the immune system, resulting in a proliferation of T cells it was once thought to kill off, and acted as an effective vaccine against further incursions by itself, so perhaps they might share in the Nobel also.

    That would off course exclude Duesberg, to everyone’s satisfaction, heading off any threat that he might point out that they actually contradicted him for two decades and more before finally catching up with what he pointed out in 1986.

  25. patrick moore Says:

    That people in the West still believe anything that is written is testimony to their stupidity and gullibility. Ask anyone from an Eastern bloc country why they take everything with a hefty dose of salty McD freedom fries and they will laugh at you and shake their heads without any further comment. It takes loads of self-consciousness and self-esteem to read, absorb and properly process anything, especially in these information-clogged modern times. Information is not the path to freedom; ACCURATE information is and it takes a brain to navigate it. Do I sound depressed enough yet?
    They gave the ceremonies in private…so as not to “offend” anyone…what a joke and may PC rot in my toilet. When are people going to realise that “offense” is a personal choice and not an imposition?

  26. Baby Pong Says:

    Truthseeker wrote:

    “but the whole turnaround can probably be managed by presenting it as a new breakthrough in understanding achieved by briliiant publicly funded research and new evidence which has tracked the Virus into its new mutation with a novel characteristic of being harmless to humans…”

    I believe it was the poster named “Marcel” who first predicted that the only way the corrupt Aids establishment could end the fraud without destroying themselves and making the public so angry that world revolution against the power elite would become possible, would be to claim that “the virus has mutated into a harmless form.”

    A google search failed to turn this up, but a Yahoo search did, and we see that Marcel made that prediction in an article as far back as year 2000. He tells me that he thinks he’s also made that same prediction on this blog, but the blog’s anemic search engine fails to find it.

    Now Truthseeker repeats Marcel’s idea as if it were his own thinking, although Marcel’s prediction could be found on this very forum, if it had a competent search engine. Either this one or AME, which also lacks a search engine.

    And John Peemore, or that Jeffreys character, uses “Tony Baloney” as if it were his own invention, when in fact it is a ripoff of Marcel’s identical words used in *this* satire. (though I highly doubt that Marcel was the first to use the words “Tony Baloney”)

    Poor Marcel gets no respect! No wonder he doesn’t post on this forum anymore.

  27. Truthseeker Says:

    The above post is so wonderfully silly that we leave it up for connoisseurs of fine Web posts. Suffice it to say that anyone who thinks the idea of saying that HIV has mutated into a harmless form is a brilliantly novel conception worthy of nailing down priority should be reading YBYL, except that now YBYL has been revived by a certain mathematician it is now on a higher level of brilliancy than even Science Guardian, so he/she will be out of his depth even more there.

    There are two species which can see through HIV/AIDS almost immediately it is explained to them, if not sooner: a) mathematicians and b) lawyers. Both are extremely welcome here. So is Marcel, who is distinguished by a sense of humor so productive that we doubt he has any concern whatsoever about claiming priority on anything so obvious.

  28. Baby Pong Says:

    It’s not a trivial concern. If Marcel’s idea, i.e., ending Aids by announcing that the virus has mutated into a harmless form, is adopted by the Aids establishment, then perhaps Marcel will qualify to share the subsequent Nobel with Gallo, Fauci, Harvard Aids Institute, or whichever other Aids opportunists steal Marcel’s idea when the House of Cards really starts collapsing.

    So I’m sure you will agree on the importance of establishing that this idea is Marcel’s intellectual property.

  29. Truthseeker Says:

    Marcel deserves infinite respect for making monkeys out of the monkeys who lead HIV/AIDS and finding humor in its vast but lethal error but to say he deserves a patent on the idea of their moving HIV science onto firm ground by explaining it has mutated into a harmless form is like saying he should be awarded copyright on the idea that heterosexual AIDS is a non starter. The proposal that he be recognized for this is so original and humorous that – could it be? – one suspects it is being put forward by the great man himself, operating under a pseudonym.

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